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Get ready to Play a Bigger Game in Your Business!

Join me in the VIP Program where you will be fully supported

to go to new levels in your business.

My Mission

To support YOU to make more money doing what you love

so you can make the difference in the world you came here to make.

This Program Is For You If...

You are ready to step into being an Influential Leader, Thought Leader, Changemaker, Trusted Advisor, or Trailblazer

and you want to earn money doing work

that makes a difference in the world.

This Program is Designed to Support You in the 5 Key Areas of Success:

Profit: You’ll get support with tools, ideas, insights, and strategies to increase your profitability… that may mean looking at your prices, your offerings, your programs and ensuring you are maximizing them while also offering your clients extraordinary experiences.

Plan: You need to have a solid game plan so that you create the roadmap for success… it doesn’t mean that it’s not going to come with curves in the road, but if you have a coach, you can quickly change courses. By determining where you want to and getting support with how you’re going to get there, anything is possible.

Promotion: Speaking, Virtual Networking, Referrals, LinkedIn are the 4 Lead-Generating Activities that are proven to get you visibility and leads. There’s an art to this… you need to have speech descriptions, marketing materials, videos, your introduction, bio, testimonials… and you’ll need to know how to get them from other people’s sphere of influence into yours. You’ll want a system for this… your free gift, your educational webinar.

People: Who’s playing the game with you? My team was just me… now it’s up to at least 12 independent contractors who support me by doing what they are best at so I can do what I am best at. I didn’t start that way, but I did start with a designer and a copywriter… then moved to VAs.

As you grow, you will need to right people to support you. You’ll get premium access to my virtual assistant team who can help you with many things… or my project manager who can manage your LinkedIn posts, and I certainly want to be on your team as your business coach. You’ll also want a community to support you beyond your comfort zones to be the leader in your business.

Processes & Systems: I remember the first time I got a website… decided to do it on my own… took me an entire weekend… then, I decided to set up my shopping cart… spent $1400 and 16 hours and nothing to show for it.


Processes and systems make our sales so much easier, but you can spend a lifetime trying to figure them out. In this program, I can support you with the right processes and systems that will help your business run like a well-oiled machine and support your clients in making it easy for them to do business with you.

Your VIP Program Includes:

  • Sales, Marketing, Mindset, and Revenue-Generating Strategies

  • Community of Smart, Driven, Committed, and Successful People

  • 2x/month Live Group Training, Coaching & Masterminding meetings

  • 1x/month Private Coaching to focus on specific strategic objectives

  • Access to a Private LinkedIn Group for networking and support

  • 2x/year VIP Days to grow your business with clarity, focus, and ease

  • Access to Special Events (like the Energy of Money Book Study)

  • Access to the Mastering LinkedIn Deep Dive Training Course

  • A coach to inspire you to keep climbing!

Lucrative Business Success Formula

Mission: What is the difference you want to make? What is the life or business you dream about building? You may need support and reminders about why you are doing this? You were passionate when you got started, but now all it seems like you’re doing is busywork. Lead your business don’t let the business lead you. Stay focused on your mission to make the biggest impact.

Model: How do you want to deliver your work? What’s the lifestyle you want? Who is your ideal customer? Get support with developing customer focused research so you can make sure you are delivering what they are looking for, and help you create the next thing. Strategically create the business and lifestyle that works for you!

Message: What’s the message that you want to communicate to your people? How can you design it to make sure you are engaging and inspiring your people? There are components to that, and a formula… and in this program you’ll learn that too.

Marketing: Don’t be the best kept secret in the world. Uncover how you are going to reach your Ideal Customer and get them into your sphere of influence. Develop an ongoing plan to keep them coming. Determine a strategic marketing plan that inspires, educates and moves prospects to engage with you.


Monetization: Increasing your sales is a critical factor. Along with sales comes planning and strategies to get leads to clients. For high-dollar clients you’ll need a sales plan, you’ll need to commit to having sales conversations and follow up. Adding new products/services to fill the needs of your customers is another component to success.

Are You the Right Fit?

  • You have an Inspiring Mission

  • You are ready to go to the Next Levels

  • You will bring your Challenges to the table

  • You are 100% Committed to Your Success

  • You see this Opportunity as an Investment in Your Business

  • You are Willing to be Coached

  • You are Dedicated to Continuing Education

  • You want to have Fun

  • You want to work with Me

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