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Thought Leaders Content Creation Retreat

When: Thursday, April 11 from 10am-4pm

Where: Roseville, CA (address to be provided upon registration)

~ Are you a business professional who desires to become a thought leader in your industry but don’t know where to start?

~ Do you want to want to create meaningful and valuable content for your target market, but you are stuck with what to write about?

~ Have you experienced overwhelm with the idea of ongoing content marketing?

If this is you, please join me for the Thought Leaders Content Creation Retreat. In this one day event, you’ll learn the keys to uncovering exactly what your ideal customers want to know from you so you can provide them with massive value. Imagine becoming the thought leader and resource your targets are looking for so you can make the impact you are meant to make in the world.

You’ll leave with the following:

  • How to develop a 12 month content marketing strategy (you may even leave with all 12 months mapped out!)

  • The secrets to doing more with less by turning one concept into one month’s worth of content, including blogs, videos, posts, and memes.

  • The four part formula to creating irresistible blogs, and you’ll use it to write your first blog.

  • Tips to making a video like the TV pros do (and you can too!)

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