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“I had the pleasure of having Jennifer speak at a professional group that I facilitate. It was great information and very enjoyable as well. I highly recommend Jennifer at your corporate retreats, meetings, gatherings, etc.”



Laurie Randall, Director of Marketing, Pines at Placerville

“I believe Jen Darling to be about the most positive person I know. And her condition is infectious as well. I can't help but feel more energized and eager to start my day or project after spending time with Jennifer. Jen has a unique way at teaching us the core principles that, "ATTITUDE is a CHOICE". I have learned this from her and sometimes have to remind myself, (WWJD) in difficult situations. I have gone through Jennifer's trainings 2 different times and find out more and more about myself. I am unique and proud and am happy to share with the world ME !!!!” 

Doug Hawkins, Adminnistrator, Western Slope Health


“Got a nice attitude adjustment at the Jeffrey Gitomer Yes! Attitude seminar presented by Jennifer Darling.  Great job Jenn & thanks!”


Beth Tappan, Market Manager, Results Radio

“Positive attitude is an inside job. Jenn Darling leads a fabulous workshop guiding teams and individuals in clearing the negative clutter that accumulates and turning problems into opportunities. For some, this course is a refresher. For others it's a game changer. For everyone, it's a valuable experience. Invest the time and resources and park your assumptions – you won't be sorry.” 


Lori Porter, President, Porter Co Advertising Agency

“Thank YOU! I love that you are so passionate about your next career. As my dad always said, “Do what you love, the money will follow,” and another one he says, ‘success is a three letter word, FUN.’ I think he must have read Gitomer’s book!”


Carol Michael, President, Media Solutions


“We can all use an attitude adjustment from time to time to realign our thoughts and goals.  Jennifer’s Yes! workshop did just that for me…even 4 months later I refer back to her seminar teachings.  Well worth the time investment.”



Valerie Miller, Activation Manager, Triton Digital

“Ms. Darling not only exudes a ‘Yes Attitude’ from the moment you meet her, she has a unique and intuitive depth of human understanding that honestly connects with her audience.  Say YES now to any training opportunity with Jennifer Darling!  You will leave the experience with a fresh perspective and full of renewed enthusiasm for what your future holds.”


Cynthia B, Government Sector

“Recently attended a Yes! Attitude workshop with Jennifer and it was a great insight to how our daily attitudes affect so much more than we are aware. I had some great take aways and will be practicing to put them into effect on a daily basis to help with my Yes! Attitude! I highly recommend this to anyone in any field as it's always a great idea to be self aware!”

Jennifer Franz, Account Executive, Media Solutions


Jennifer Franz,, Account Executive, Media Solutions


“Jennifer's presentation on Positive Attitude was uplifting, inspiring and helpful. She presented in a way that made it fun and easy to take away some great tips to use both personally and professionally.”



Tara Brennan, Underwriting Specialist, Capital Public Radio

“I have worked with Jennifer is several capacities over the years and know that she has a talent for making everyone she encounters each day feel more positive, appreciated and happy. BUT after attending a one hour brown bag seminar she facilitated I was uplifted and ready to wipe out any negativity I might encounter. Jennifer delivered a powerful message to us in just one hour. I would highly recommend attending any of her training sessions or seminars. She is a powerful, enlightening, positive force to be around!”


Carrie Allen, Media Specialist, Skyhawk Communications

“Definitely time well spent! I got a lot out of the seminar…I think EVERYONE needs a reminder of how important attitude is!”



Laurie Curto, Account Executive, Results Radio


“I wanted to support Jennifer, so signed up for one of her workshops. I thought I had a positive attitude already, but was looking for some sales pointers. Well, turns out my attitude was pretty good, but I was able to take what I learned from Jennifer and apply it directly, immediately to my life. 6 days later, I re-took the self-examination and VOILA! better attitude. Guess what? I didn't need the test to tell me that. I am more positive, more enthusiastic and anxious to keep improving. So glad I went the first time. So glad I went again.”


Lisa Cooper, Board Member, Alliance for Women in Media

“I recently attended the Yes! Attitude seminar with Jennifer Darling. I loved it!! Jeffrey Gitomer has such a simplistic way of defining what it means to have a more positive attitude in both your personal and professional life. Jennifer did an outstanding job guiding us through the training. She was funny, relatable and passionate!! I’d strongly recommend this training to anyone who wants to have a happier, less stressful life.”


Andrea Merlino, Area Manager, Arbonne

"I attended Jen's yes! Attitude training last Friday, it was amazing! I had just got the audio version of the book a few days before the training. Jen did a great job instructing us through the Training! She follows along perfectly to the book! Jen added her great personality into the workshop. I can really see how much she enjoyed herself. It was a very informative, passionate day! I will take this class again and would recommend it to others."



Marina Floyd, District Manager, Arbonne

“Jen is an ambitious and thorough advocate for her classmates. Her expectations are high even when she could coast on success already earned by her and other team members. Jen helps hold standards high and keeps team mates expectations a focus at times when product development work loads could otherwise make it easier for the team to settle for a little less.


Jen is a detail oriented team player who expertly managed many requests for resources from both external and internal entities. Her foresight and planning was a tremendous benefit in getting multiple teams to coordinate and work together despite highly variant agendas. Jen is very passionate about her education and work, and adept at creating a common vision. I would recommend her for any team or to any client that requires a person with Jen's skills."

Benjamin Pinx, Special Projects Manager, PM EW