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Jennifer has three signature programs. Select from these high content speaking and training presentations that are perfect for people who to increase performance and sell more. All presentations can be customized for your specific needs of topic and length of program.

Increase Your Leads with LinkedIn

  • Identify best targets and where to find them

  • Create a significant online presence

  • Brand yourself to position more, compete less

  • Utilize innovative ways to get prospects’ attention

  • Leverage your most valuable real estate to develop relationships

  • Connect and engage with prospects to increase your opportunities

Book More Appointments

  • Determine what prospects want and how to position for success

  • Learn how effective networking can mulitply sales opportunities

  • Boost credibility by getting more referrals and testimonials

  • Discover the most effective way to get appointments with serious buyers

  • Recognize instrumental follow up strategies to convert prospects into customers

  • Develop techniques to proactively manage objections and reduce buyer risk

close more sales

  • Uncover what’s getting in your way of converting more customers

  • Understand buyer personality types to be more persuasive

  • Establish value so you’re not always competing on price

  • Develop power questions to make prospects think in new ways

  • Learn strategies to create winning offers that increase your closing ratio

  • Determine an action plan to shorten THE sales cycle and improve sales

To find out how Jennifer can help you grow your business contact me online or call direct at 916-204-3923.