Jennifer has three signature programs. Select from these high content speaking and training presentations that are perfect for people who to increase performance and sell more. All presentations can be customized for your specific needs of topic and length of program.

Increase Your Leads with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the single best source of leads on the planet. And it’s FREE. Jennifer shares the keys to dominate your industry and create a consistent pipeline of prospects using LinkedIn.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Transform their profiles to attract qualified decision makers

  • Determine success strategies to create buzz and stand out from your competition

  • Grow your network of referral partners and prospects

increase your sales leads

The traditional cold call sales techniques often come up empty as competition in your industry continues to heat up. Your buyers are busier than ever and the messages in their inboxes start to all look the same. A few strategic adjustments can help you get noticed and boost sales.

Audiences will leave knowing how to:


  • Utilize innovative tools to get more prospects in your pipeline

  • Break through the clutter and build top of mind awareness

  • Cultivate brand champions who will send you leads and referrals

expand your online presence

Everyone has an online presence (whether you know it or not). Jennifer shares her tips to build a phenomenal professional image, and stand out online using LinkedIn, the “Google for business professionals.”

Your Audience will learn how to:

  • Create an outstanding profile to command the attention of your stakeholders

  • Increase your network of influential connections

  • Become known as a Trusted Advisor in your industry

To find out how Jennifer can help you grow your business contact me online or call direct at 916-204-3923.

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