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Think "Force of Nature" - in the best possible way.

When you’re ready to add breath of fresh air to your next virtual or in-person event or meeting that carries with it the tools, training, and strategies to send sales through the roof, increase your online visibility, navigate change, and step into Thought Leadership – Jennifer Darling is the keynote speaker to call.


For more than twenty years she’s been energizing audiences and delivering ah-ha moments and real-world take-aways that have become game-changers for business professionals.


Which topic speaks most to YOUR audience’s needs?

Trailblazing, Lead-Generating Ideas for High-Dollar Sales

The traditional cold call sales techniques fall short in a world where competition is at an all-time high, and buyer tolerance for hard-core sales tactics is slim to none. Sales Speaker and Coach Jennifer Darling shares how standing out in strategic ways and spotlighting yourself, your product, and your organization in sea of sales messaging can actually be easier than you think with the right strategies. 

Audiences will leave knowing how to:


  • 3 proven, innovative ideas to get your biggest prospects’ attention

  • #1 Strategy to captivate prospects and move them more quickly to a sale

  • Cultivate brand champions using LinkedIn to get referrals daily


This customizable message will send your sales numbers soaring with more ease, less stress, and your team thanking you for investing in them!


LinkedIn is the single best source of leads on the planet. And it’s FREE. 

What if you could position yourself on LinkedIn to attract prospects, and referral partners -- without being pushy, sales-y or aggressive? 

In this program you’ll discover 3 of the best strategies to get more high-paying prospects in your business using LinkedIn, “the Google for Business Professionals!”


Your Main Takeaways:

  • #1 Place to find a Goldmine of high-quality leads

  • How to Position Yourself as THE Go-To-Expert with clients who are ready to buy

  • 9 Ways to HEAT UP your prospects

Elevating and expanding your professional profile online is one of the fastest and most effective means of driving new customers, referrals, and sales. Bring extra pens and paper and get prepared to receive massive value from this program!


Everyone has an online presence (whether you know it or not). What’s important is what that presence is saying about you, your business, and your career! In a digitally driven world, Sales and Marketing Expert and Speaker Jennifer Darling shares her tips for building a phenomenal professional image, make the most of your digital footprint, and stand out online as a Thought Leader using LinkedIn, the “Google for business professionals.”


Your Audience will learn how to:


  • 5 steps to create a phenomenal profile to command your visitor’s attention

  • Substantially increase your network of influential connections

  • 4 ways to share your message and spread your ideas


Elevating and expanding your business and professional profiles online is one of the fastest and most effective means of driving new customers, referrals, attracting top talent, and positioning you as a Thought Leader.

To find out how Jennifer can help you grow your business contact her online or call direct at 916-204-3923.

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