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There IS Life After Death

January 29, 2015


There is such a thing as life after death, rebirth, or reincarnation. No, I’m not referring to the controversial religious state argued for centuries and debated by many. I’m referring to recovering from layoffs, downsizing, termination, and voluntary separation (where you quit because you’re pressured to do so). There is no denying that it is very painful, a blow to the ego, and a confusing predicament. However, there is hope. Not easy to see introspectively, but there is life after death of that job!


Scenario One:

John was an outside sales rep. He was the top performer in business development and a high earner. One day John came to the office and was blindsided by his termination. The company was downsizing. Because he had the least tenure and one of the highest compensation plans, he was the one who was chosen.

After several months of shock and denial, John began searching for another position. Eventually, he landed a job with a competitor. He brought his new business to the new company and quickly rose to the top. He enjoys excellent relationships with the management team and coworkers. Now that he can reflect back, he believes the new job is a much better fit for him both in culture and he’s more passionate about the product.


Scenario Two:

Another outside sales rep, David, was terminated from his job for poor performance. David was an excellent relationship builder, but had trouble keeping up with the rapidly changing industry. He could no longer meet the needs of his company and did not possess the skills of his competitors. This combination was resulting in declining customer share.

David was surprised by his termination and very frustrated. Eventually, David found employment in high-end real estate sales. This environment is fitting to his strengths, he is his own boss, and his sales commission is growing.


Scenario Three:

Deborah was also an outside sales rep who had a successful run with her company. She inherited a new manager who did not see her talents and had a completely different personality than Deborah. The new manager wanted a different office culture than Deborah was accustomed. Deborah tried feverishly to get along with the manager, but despite her efforts, she couldn’t make improvements. She went from loving her job to dreading it. She woke every morning afraid to face the new boss. She felt the manager did not want her there.

Deborah finally mustered the courage to quit her job (voluntary separation). She really had no other choice; the job was dragging her down resulting in a poor quality of life.

Deborah found a new job as a marketing director for a pharmaceutical company. Her life improved significantly. She is now in a job where she truly enjoys the company of her manager and colleagues. The culture fits her and she is excelling in her performance. She says she would never go back to the way it was.


Before Death, After Death:

These examples provide proof that there can be life after death. In their first jobs, each of these people was suffering from negative influences. These influences can cause a myriad of effects, including anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, lack of concentration, depression, feelings of uselessness, weight gain, and high blood pressure. One’s quality of life and happiness is significantly impacted by negative influences.


People find themselves in tough situations because they can’t afford to lose income, insurance, the security of the job, or other factors. Sometimes, the person is no longer a fit (or never was a fit) for the job. They struggle to be successful and it’s uncomfortable. The trouble is when a person is stuck in a job which causes the effects above, his or her physical health, mental health, and attitude also suffer. Suddenly, there are more frequent trips to the doctor because of illness, he or she is prescribed anxiety/depression medication, and feels stuck. Until these folks are out of the pressure cooker, the issues will continue. Once people find the job that is the right fit for them, it feels like a weight is lifted off their shoulders.


The unexpected termination is the most difficult. However, everything happens for a reason and it’s the universe’s way of saying it’s time to go. If you find yourself in any of these situations, understand that the job is probably causing death and resolve to move on to a new life. In many situations, opening the new door has a bigger payoff.


(And, yes, of course, the real names have been changed.)

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