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How to Keep the Holiday Happiness

November 27, 2014

I love this time of year! People are happier, people are giving thanks, and people are spending more time with their families. It’s a Jeffrey Gitomer Yes! Attitude time of year!


In November there are over a thousand Thanksgiving themed races around the country where people will gather in support of non-profit organizations. From Turkey Trots to Run to Feed the Hungry, hundreds of thousands of people will gather. Even more people will be together with their families feasting on turkey, pies, and cranberry sauce. This may be the only day of the year for some to have a family meal at the dinner table. Each day thousands of people give thanks on Facebook for their blessings. Phone calls will be made to loved ones who are distant and special memories are created. It’s a very happy time of year for many, many people.

Some of these activities come naturally as traditions. Each of them takes planning and thought. Why not expand Thanksgiving to every month of the year? Sure, you don’t have to make a huge turkey with all the fixins, but what if you did the following things more often? I bet you would find yourself and those around you with a happier, more positive attitude!

  • Make a home-cooked meal once a month. Invite family or friends to join you at your dinner table. Turn off the TV, put down the cell phones, and have conversations. Connect with each other on a deeper level than texting.

  • Support a charity. Commit to joining a race every few months or serving a hot meal at the “soup kitchen.” Clean out your closets and donate your unused coats, clothing, blankets, and shoes to a nonprofit organization. Volunteer once a month to a different organization. Walk dogs at a shelter, befriend underprivileged children, and visit a nursing home to read a book or just visit. It’s easy, but it takes planning.

  • Call your loved ones once a month. Put it on your calendar. Make a list of those people who you would call around the holidays and just give them a ring in January, February, March, and so on. There’s plenty to talk about and if you find yourself stuck for words, a simple “hello, I was thinking about you” is enough.

  • Find someone who needs uplifting and commit to 30 days of texting each other messages of “Thanks.” It doesn’t have to be November to share what you’re thankful for with a friend or relative.

  • Smile at everyone. Smile at the person in the car next to you. Smile at the people you pass in line at Starbucks. Smile at the cashiers. Even smile at the grumpy people. If they don’t smile back, so what! If you practice smiling at everyone, you’ll feel better and you are guaranteed to get some smiles back.

Take this time note what makes you feel good and start some of your own traditions. By doing these things, you will work toward a feeling of holiday happiness all year long!!



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