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Do These 3 Things to Increase Sales

October 20, 2014

Remember the 3 R’s of grade school? They were reading, writing, and arithmetic. These three words were the basic foundation for your education.A good understanding of each of these subjects would help you succeed throughout your secondary education.By focusing on mastering the 3 R’s of Sales, you can excel at your sales career.The 3 R’s I’m referring to are relationships, resource, and referrals.Let me break them down:

  • Relationships: it’s the backbone of a good customer-focused sale. Customers do not want professional visitors, but they want their sales rep to come armed with ideas to help grow the customer’s business. The best way to get ideas is through information from the customer. Information doesn’t come easy because customers don’t want to waste their time giving everyone information on everything. Show your customers you’ll become a resource for them, and you’ll develop a better relationship. Do you care about your customer? I mean are you genuinely interested in their life outside their business? Do you know their birthdays? Their kids’ names? Their interests and their hobbies? Do you ever share personal time together at sporting events or the theatre? All these are ways you can build your relationship.

  • Resource: provide value to your customer and you’ll have a customer for life. As mentioned above, professional visitors (you know the person who just pops by to see how business is going, or if they can help the customer today) are not welcome. You can go beyond the surface by providing your customer with valuable information. What tools does your company have to offer the customer? Some ideas are research, promotional ideas, contacts, and training for their employees. If your company has limited internal resources, you can still come up with great ideas to help the customer grow their business, use online research, and give them referrals.

  • Referrals: if you’ve done the last two, built relationships and became a resource, you are likely to get referrals. They may not come freely, so ask. Ask your customer if he or she knows anyone else that might benefit from your product or service. The best way to get referrals is to give them. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to get when you give. Finally, ask your customer if you can video tape a short testimonial. You can use these videos to develop a collage of good customer feedback to post to your website.

The 3 R’s of Sales work together to help you grow your sales business. Each one is more powerful when the other two are in motion.Take a tip from your grade school days and become proficient at the 3 R’s!


Have other R’s to add to the mix? I would love to hear your thoughts!





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