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Little Red Book of Selling Classroom Workshop



Uncovering the customer’s buying motives is essential to making sales.  And understanding why people buy is more powerful than learning how to sell.


In the New York Times Best Seller Little Red Book of Selling, Jeffrey Gitomer shares his principles of sales greatness from a lifetime of selling.  In this full day workshop, based on this bestselling book, you will have the opportunity to understand why sales happen and master the elements of making sales forever.


Jeffrey Gitomer’s certified content will instruct you on the secret formula for sales success and how to implement this into your current sales strategy.


As a student, you will study Jeffrey Gitomer’s philosophy that people don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy -- and learn how to create an atmosphere where people want to buy. You will also watch short video presentations by the King of Sales himself, participate in classroom activities, role play, initiate group discussions, complete workbook exercises, and receive new skills to immediately apply when you leave.


This workshop will provide you with a framework that will enable you to apply Jeffrey Gitomer’s sales lessons to your personal and professional lives.


Learning Objectives:


  • Understand the power of why people buy

  • Learn the power of sales preparation

  • Develop power questions that will make prospects think in new ways

  • Learn how effective networking can immediately multiply your sales opportunities

  • Learn how to sell value, not price










"Jennifer is an awesome manager. She is very detail-oriented and is constantly coming up witha game plan to tackle challenges. I started at Comcast Spotlight as an Associate Account Executive and with her leadership and guidance, was able to graduate the program."

Brittany Lofton, Account Executive, Comcast Spotlight

"Jennifer was a mentour to me at Results Radio. She believed in me and because of her encouragement and great leadership I learned a lot and grew as a sales person. Jennifer is a great leader and very knowledgeable about sales. If I ever needed to brainstorm to come up with something she was always there and we would come up with something great. I wish I still worked with her!  "

Jessica Ryan, Account Manager, CBS Radio