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What Inspires YOU?

Inspiration. It’s all around us if we know where to look. Sometimes
it’s found in the beauty of nature or the dynamics of the big city.
Sometimes it’s in the most elegant places on earth. The artist Paul
Gauguin found his muse among the islands and people of Tahiti.
Other times it’s in some of the most unimaginable of places or
situations. Viktor Frankel found it in the Nazi concentration camps.
Mother Teresa found inspiration in the slums of Calcutta. Nelson
Mandela found his in a jail cell.

These amazing authors share their life experiences and challenges
and how inspiration played the key role in their overcoming adversity
and growing as human beings. Some come from very modest means
and some from great wealth. Some found their inspiration against
incredible odds with no support from friends and family. Others had
caring mentors who pointed the way.

Whatever path you may be on, these stories will enlighten, enthuse
and inspire you and, hopefully, lead you to inspire others.

Discover Your Inspiration

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