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Increase Your Leads Using LinkedIn

Strategies for Sales Success

LinkedIn is exploding right now with opportunities for you to build major influence for your business, attract new prospects, and connect with key decision makers. LinkedIn is the only social media platform for business professionals with over 550 million users across the globe. Here’s where you’ll find decision makers, C-Suite Executives, and business professionals to connect, engage, and activate your sales.

I have perfected using LinkedIn to grow my business and I'l show you my strategies and techniques that helped me grow my network to over 2,500 connections and consistently reach 100s to 1000s of people with my posts.

In this virtual training program you’ll get tons of ideas on how to upgrade your LinkedIn profile to enhance your brand, create expert status among your target market, showcase your skills, and connect with buyers.

Why LinkedIn Now? Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26 billion and has been making major upgrades to provide unique opportunities for exposure that are unlike Facebook or Twitter. You’ll learn why it’s different (and better for your business) and you’ll understand how to take advantage of LinkedIn’s tools to get in front of more prospects.



In this 4 Module Course, here’s what you’ll uncover:

  • 6 Fundamentals to Getting Prospects Wanting to Connect with You

  • 4 Methods to Establish Yourself as an Expert and Get into the Newsfeeds of Your Prospects

  • 3 Tips to Ensure Prospects Can Find You

  • 4 Ways to Increase Your Connections and Build Influence

  • 4 Techniques to Get Your Biggest (and sometimes most challenging) Prospects’ Attention

  • 5 Step Strategy to Maximize Connections at Networking Events

  • 1 Super Secret Tip Way to Get Prospects Coming to You

Class Dates & Details:

Classes are Virtual and available by messaging me at Jennifer@DarlingCoaching.com

Why Am I So Passionate About LinkedIn?


For over 20 years I was in sales and managed sales teams for television affiliates of NBC, CBS, and FOX and media giant, Comcast. I worked with 1,000s of businesses to help them promote their companies and get new customers. I decided to start my own company as a professional speaker and sales advisor, but my target market had changed from my corporate job.

I needed a way to build influence, get prospects in my door, and get new customers FAST!

Being a creative and innovative sales expert, I created my strategy of how to get there using tools that proved to be VERY beneficial to me in growing my business. Those tools include: networking, speaking, referrals, and social media, particularly Facebook and LinkedIn (and a few others to lesser extent). 

As my business grew, I noticed something very drastic was changing in the social media landscape which was that quickly Facebook was changing its rules and was bringing me less engagement, plus I felt I was swimming in a sea of politics, drama, and personal crisis. I really feel Facebook is for my personal life, and LinkedIn is for my business. As this was happening with FB, something awesome was happening with LinkedIn. They were purchased by Microsoft and started heavily investing in upgrades! Now I almost exclusively use LinkedIn for branding my business and connecting with customers in the social media space.


It's the Google for business professionals!

And, I can generate anywhere between a few hundreds and 3,000 views of my posts on LinkedIn. Plus, when I put my articles on LinkedIn they become searchable on Google, Yahoo, and Bing (NOT something that happens on FB). 

Why Am I Teaching This Course?

I've been around the country and to Canada speaking to business owners, speakers, and sales people about LinkedIn. What I've found is that many people have profiles, but they are not using the tool to the maximium advantage of what it can do for you. 

I not only teach about LinkedIn, but I am also a speaker on sales and what I know to be true is that we have to use many avenues to connect and engage with our future customers. LinkedIn should be one part of your strategy if you want new customer acquisition. They have to like you, trust you, and believe in you to buy you. This takes time and focus. Your reputation is built long before you ever meet a potential prospect these days. Many look you up on LinkedIn and if you do not have a professional profile, they will find someone who does. 

It's important to establish yourself on LinkedIn, with over 550 million users worldwide, it's the place to be. I want people to have the proper client focused profiles that grab the attention of prospects, give massive value, and allow you to connect with decision makers in ways you've never been able to before.

I want you to have the same success as me!

What's In It For You?

If you implement the strategies and techniques I teach you, you too will build familiarity with your prospects and grow your business. You'll be like Mike who messaged me and enthusiastically shared that from what I taught him, he connected with a prospect he's been trying to earn for over 7 years. He was finally able to engage in a conversation over LinkedIn and was asked to submit a proposal! 7 years... wow! 

Or, you could be like Sharon, who messaged me and told me she got a speaking engagement in South Africa because of her professional profile on LinkedIn.

Or, like Norma who filled her 1st paid webinar FULL of new prospects who were eager to learn what she had to teach them.

With LinkedIn, you can't just set it and forget it though, you need to be active on an on-going basis (there are several reasons for this I explain in the course). 

So, if you're ready to upgrade your profile and start connecting with more prospects, please join me for this awesome course!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I cannot attend during the time the class is scheduled for? This course is delivered live and every module is recorded so you receive a playback you can listen to at any time to get that week's information. You'll never miss out with the recording. Plus, I find even if you attend, I give so much value, you'll want to listen to the playback again and again. There's also a private Facebook Group for participants so you can come in anytime between classes and get support and answers in the group.  

How will I know if I'm ready for this type of course? You are ready if you have an account and a very basic profile, but even if you have a more advanced profile, you'll learn a great deal. My students range from beginners to experts because I teach both technical strategies and sales and marketing strategies. 

Will this course be too basic? We'll cover the basics, but I'll be giving you strategies that you'll want to implement that are more advanced than basic profile set up, like teaching you how to use the Social Selling Index.

How do I know if LinkedIn is right for me? If you are in business-to-business sales, or business-to-consumer sales where your consumers are professionals, you're a business owner, you're in charge of revenue generation, a speaker or a coach, then LinkedIn is absolutely right for you.

Can I just figure this out on my own? You might, but I've invested 100s of hours educating myself and I keep on top of changes daily, plus I've reviewed over 200 profiles, and custom-build profiles. It would quite literally take you 2 years to learn what I am going to teach you in 4 weeks.

Do I need a premium account to take this course? No, you need the free, basic version of LinkedIn. That's all you need to get started. If you have a premium version, and you're reading this far, chances are you're not using it. So, get on board and learn how to maximize the free version and it will help make your paid version even more valuable.

What's the investment?

Well, if you add up the amount of hours I've put into this program, it's worth several thousands of dollars, and if you put a value on new customer acquisition, it's a pretty high price too, but because this is an introductory course (meaning the first time I've taught it in this format),


The investment is $997.  Which is a steal for what you're going to learn!

I've seen the other "guys" programs, I've reviewed their materials, and the profiles they've built. I strongly believe I have the best course for you because not only do I have the technical skills, but I've been helping business owners promote their businesses and get new customers in advertising for over 20 years. That's a long time of success.

Crazy Good Testimonials

"Jennifer showed me her secret formula to creating a short story post that generated over 3,000 views and helped me book 50 new clients into my webinars." Nora O'Brien, Connect Consulting


“Thanks to what you’ve taught me, I have grown my network to over 7,000 people, and just booked a deal with one of the biggest ride-sharing companies in the world!” Rex Miller, Mindshift


“We worked with Jennifer to improve our LinkedIn Profile and WOW!!! Within a couple of weeks our social selling index went up by 23% and we were contacted by a former client who wants to work with us again!” Carol Cambridge, Stay Safe Project


“Even before the course was finished, I picked up one client and 4 leads. My connections went from 820 to just under 5000, I am now being seen as an expert in my field.” Ira Wolfe, Sales Consultant


“Don't let her warm smile and friendly name fool you. Jennifer Darling is a bad ass. She is the real deal when it comes to clarifying what your focus needs to be in order to gain the success you want.” Traci Benelli, Executive Performance and Productivity Coac